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Superman V Goku

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Ugh...what can I say...

I mostly did this for practice...and teh lulz and wanted to try to learn how to draw anime characters really well to improve my artistry

This took months due to laziness and randomly adding on things.

Thanks to all the voice actors. You guys are amazing and should be professionals. I feel so crappy using you guys cuz I can't pay you

Thanks PurpleEyesWTF....you rule

*Warning- Theres alot of "insider" jokes to the anime crowd. If you're not an animeperson you probably won't get them

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awesome DBZ animation

eh....who are the people that came with those blue things?

Kel-chan responds:

Panty and Stocking- They can kill ghosts. Which is why ichigo died cuz he's basically a ghost/soul


it said superman v goku and had me like WTF the whole time i loved when whiskers died that was funny..but i was kinda sad.... im glad ichigo actually kinda sounded like the actual ichigo but he could have had mor emotion when he said bankai
and btw goku could kick supermans ass anyday it's been scientifically proven because goku is just stronger due to all of his power ups and also continues to get stronger whilst superman stays the same meaning same strength, same height, and same good looks but in reality super would lose to goku it's just how it is and me being equally tied to both superman and goku that's a fair and unbiased opinion
but overall i fucking loved this

So for all the angry nerds out there, superman was getting completely stomped by Goku before they were interrupted by Bleachigo.

Goku wins. Stop crying.

Or cry more... your tears of unfathomable sadness are so yummy and sweet.

Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2013
2:49 PM EDT