Save The Fairyland

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Help the creepy little girl on her way to save the fairyland because nobody wants to see this fairy tale having an unhappy ending...

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hyy combine with manual mode more challenge ...
click this click that bored.......

If this is considered a "game for smart people", I really have to wonder about the minds behind it... There is no thought or logic to many of the "puzzles". It's more, "click this, click this, click this, and something happens". My 5 year old beat this in less than 4 minutes! Abroy.com games are just getting lamer with each new game they pump out. The only reason I give this any stars is the animation is decent.

I feel like this is a real waste of potential. The graphics are very cute and have a nice look, with some really cool interpretations of certain characters (I love the Ancient Greece-style Alice in Wonderland!) but the music is just the same 20-second (or so) loop played over and over and over and OVER! And it isn't even a good loop, it's annoying and dull!

"Dull" is also a fairly good word to describe the game itself. All it really amounts to is clicking around and watching things happen. The puzzles are incredibly weak, as there's almost no actual thinking involved: all of the items are in plain sight, they combine automatically, and there's obviously only one object (the character) to use them on. Even the parts that are literal puzzles (the pipes, the sliding image) are very simple to figure out. The only thing that really even resembled a challenge was the part with the girl in the cage, and while I DID laugh pretty hard when she just fell down that hole on my first try, it was very obvious what I did wrong and I got it right the second time.

I can tell you wanted to make a fun adventure game, but you should definitely spend some more time on your next project. You need to come up with some real challenges if you want to make it entertaining.

8.26, the sound track leaves something to be disiered but there where no mechanical problems so i give it a passing grade. it is pretty standered, i would say that it looks almost like another game I played but seeing there is an advertisement for the game i was thinking of at the end that make a lot of sense. if the game works for you it works that is all i can say I think.

"Games for smart people". I don't think so, this game contains gameplay targeted at the dumbest people it seems. Boring, easy and repetitive.

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3.33 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2013
5:32 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Daily 3rd Place August 24, 2013