Just A Trim Please

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Control a retro lawnmower to perfect the lawn in each garden in this short puzzler.

Move the lawnmower; with the arrow keys or mouse; up, down, left, and right to perfectly mow the lawn in each garden.

Don't go over grass that's already mown or you'll find yourself stuck in the mud!

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This was my favorite thing to play in like 3rd grade. I live this to death. I remember the times when we had indoor recess and my friends and I would go to the computers and play this all the time. It's super nostalgic, and I've always loved this.

Its nice, challenging, and fun. Really worth my time.

This is a Good and Challenging game. Nice Job, Bro. :)

A charming, simple and relaxing game, with just the right level of challenge for a "time-wasting puzzler". If it was longer and harder, it would probably just have been frustrating - and the music would have switched from being "cute" to being "annoying". The game runs very smoothly and I was never hit by any annoying glitches. One thing I particularly liked was the level design! A good upwards progression of difficulty, and it's quite fun to find more than one way to solve each puzzle.

This game is significantly superior to YourSinclair magazine's infamous Advanced Lawnmower Simulator for the ZX Spectrum, famously hailed as the world's "most advanced domestic chore simulation". The promised Washing Up Simulator (with incorporated minigame, Drying Up) never arrived. If someone can make a puzzle minigame out of that, then I would have to give five stars for originality. This one gets four and a half stars because I just feel that the creator could have challenged himself - and the player - a little more, or at least surprised us with an extra sparkle of creativity.

The only thing that makes this game redeemable is its music, and I'll tell you why.

Okay, this idea has been done so much, it's ridiculous. It's been done in many different forms, the lawnmower form being the most used. "Go over squares in a certain order without backtracking" is one of the most frequent forms, and the fact that it is so common is going to score you absolutely nothing in originality. The puzzle world is huge, and there's lots of stuff out there that's never been done, so why go with something that has already been done many times already? At least add upgrades or something...

Now that we've gotten that cleared up, I can say that this game isn't that great. For one thing, the art is very simple, almost simple enough to be called lazy, but I'll give you this one just because it's sort of charming in this case. However, you give me this game and you don't even give me any sound effects or animations for the lawnmower? You're essentially just a block of something that teleports around and changes tiles. The only sound effect I've seen is when you run over already mowed grass, which is actually a very nice sound effect. Also, when you start a new level, the sound of the engine starting is also pretty nice, so why didn't you implement more sound effects?

Finally, let's get down to the music. Very, very nice stuff. Sounds great, fits very well into your game, but... oh wait, you didn't create it. That's extremely disappointing, because it means the only thing you did do is the very simple art and coding, and possibly the sound effects. Which means this game probably didn't much time to make at all. However, the game works, the art works, and the music is great. Unfortunately, it's not enough to keep playing beyond level 5, but solid game nonetheless. A more original idea would have scored you a ton of points here.

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3.99 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2013
8:13 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other