G.I. Joe PSA Soundboard

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Alright, this took literally 100 hours in MS Paint to make, so enjoy the hard work that I put into this. There are about 250 or so sounds ripped from the G.I. Joe Fensler Films PSA videos, which filled up three pages worth of scenes.

If you guys spot any mistakes, please comment about it, I might do something about it.

Thank you for using this soundboard.

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And knowing is half the battle

It is nice that you have all the audio for it. What it could use is a code to stop all sound with the spacebar or when another sound play. Also it will help if you make the buttons so when the mouse is over it will not go back to an arrow.

AirplaneRandy responds:

I have updated it to make it stop all sounds with the spacebar, maybe you're using the older version. I don't know how to make it stop playing when another sound is played. And I have no idea what that last tidbit is. Anyways, this is just a barebone soundboard with no frills, just the way I like it.

Hey Kid, Im a computer, Stop all the downloading!

This is beautiful.

this is ok it's just some of them need to be louder but still nice work

AirplaneRandy responds:

Definitely, but when I tried to make them louder, it just lowered the sound quality. You're better off just turning up your speakers.