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--== This game is not finished==--

Legend was supposed to be an amateur interpretation of the game "Fable" from Lionhead studios, not "the legend of zelda"
although I do admire both games.

I know the art is bad, but I'm really not an artist, I know that's obvious.
I worked on this game for over a year, not exclusively but still, so it may seem like I didn't try, but really this is the extent of the quality that I'm able to produce.
It's more like a demo of what I wanted to make when I started, I haven't been able stay focused on it long enough to make much progress.
I wanted the player to reveal the story in parts as they progress through the game but since the game isn't completed, the story is really spotty, and doesn't make much sense, I have the story written down somewhere but that doesn't help the game any.

Almost the entire game can be controlled using the mouse, but I added arrow key support to it as well. (currently select-able from options in the menu)
However, there are other keys you may find useful, regardless of which controls you prefer, they are...
A = attack (also mouse button)
S = speak (also mouse over)
Q = quit message
Z = item or skill 1
X = item or skill 2 Ect.
The bottom row of your keyboard are the main skill or item keys,
they start with Z and progress to the right.

*Edit 08-26 - _some bug fixes_error corrections_advised suggestions


This is a demo, only submit finished games.

like it, but the monsters seem overpowered around the village, also using keyboard controls talking to the item merchant gives the same dialog/actions as the weaponshop, meaning sell claws, repaiir equipment, buying equipment. might wanna fix that. i agree with the journal thing too. one more suggestion i might make is to make the sellers hotspot to include them, and make it clickable, not rollover. good game, and with some refinement, it could be great

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Zrugel responds:

Okay, thank you for the review, and I appreciate the suggestions.

I had never come across the merchant dialog screen error until you mentioned it, thank you for telling me :) I think I've fixed it, it was just a couple pieces of misplaced code.

As for the journal... I've added a little bit of help to the status screen, the spirit talks about what just happened or where to go. It's not what it could be and it's not what I had in mind for the game but hopefully it will be better than nothing at all.

To all who may read this, sorry, I wish it were more, and better.

Oh yes, and about the merchants being clickable instead of rolled over. I did it that way so it would be kind of a seamless transition between following the mouse towards the merchant and actually interacting with them. But I have no real preference towards that setup so I tried to implement your suggestion as best I could including the larger hit area of each merchant.

i like it, but the buttons are not responsive, and there is no journal, that would ease the finding of quest locations.

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Zrugel responds:

You're right about the journal, I had one, in one build of the game but I hadn't implemented it correctly and it didn't make any sense, so I removed it (with plans of reintroducing it).
I had planned on the journal keeping track of not only the games progress but also tell the characters motivation and story behind the game as well.

I'd love to fix the unresponsive buttons you mentioned, if you read this, please message me.

thank you for the review.

pretty cool! i like it.

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Zrugel responds:

:) Thank You, I appreciate it.

Graphics are bad but good game.

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Zrugel responds:

Yeah, I can't drawl worth anything, Thank you for four stars.

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3.12 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2013
1:12 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG