Bobby: Wild Adventure

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Obviously I will be having better animation in the future, this was just an animation in which I used my budget drawing pad while bored and remembered that I had Flash on my computer so I put it to use and made this after multiple attempts and crashes.

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Really? Please refrain from spamming the portal with animations that have little quality. I believe this is just a troll animation, so prepare to have this useless animation blamed.

xXBlade270Xx responds:

Yes, this was a troll animation. I am a definite troll. this is totally not my first post on newgrounds. I completely understand what you mean when you say "prepare to have this useless animation blamed".

I don't know what your experience as an animator but this sort of thing is more suited for the dumping grounds to display on forums and show to people as a stepping stone to a more serious attempt at animation. Keep at it though.

xXBlade270Xx responds:

I'm new to posting stuff on here so I have no idea what the dumping grounds is about, other than it was the foster home where tracy beaker took place :p

Come on I know it's a joke but atleast you could've done more with it.

xXBlade270Xx responds:

I could've but my mouse limited my drawing ability. Ill make better crap later.

Obvious garbage

xXBlade270Xx responds:

Obvious joke

When animating, don't do it bored, do it having fun and let that energy flow through your work.

Another tip, somethings seem very funny at first glance, but if you "save them for some days inside a drawer" (or in the fridge if you prefer, it's not literal) you will have a better look at it and will know better if the idea was actually funny or good at all.

xXBlade270Xx responds:

I'll keep this in mind. Thanks.