Human sim prototype

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This simulates a person going to, work, paying rent, getting promotions, gaining skill, improving relationships and taking care of his basic needs. Note that this is just a test and the screen you are seeing is a debug screen. I have plans to use it(an improved version) in my future games and possibly in this ludum dare if the theme is appropriate.


i know what this game is its a pile of old rubbish

I dont get the point of this game. All it is is random numbers!

its alright but interaction NEEDS to be in your finished game or else im just staring into moving text. looks cool though. maybe you can become inspired by all the games in the subsection simulation-job and hopefully youll gain from that and make a 2d world in your game maybe

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Some Interaction other than a speed setting were nice.
We need Music, sound effects and a Background.
We have a (invisible) person with a state.
Nothing more to say.

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I don't see much reason for a debug screen to be up here. The final product might be good, but this isn't really any form of entertaining yet.

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Aug 16, 2013
9:08 AM EDT
Simulation - Job