Not a ClockDay Meme

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I don't know, but I had way more fun online a decade ago than I do now. Or am I wearing Strawberry-tinted glasses?


Also: I'm getting oooold. :-(

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a glorious animation, and with a unique art style.
all the characters (except from the girls and the robot) looked like they were drawn with pencils, and cut-out with a paper texture.
how did you do that?

then, it had SBC saying a glorious, and epic speach about how productivity, and creativity has died, partly because of the memes, partly because of the new generation, that abandoned quallity, and chose cheap entertainment thrills, and then a funny conclusion that SBC has been defeated in this debate.

a great cartoon, very funny, very well-drawn, and beautifully-animated, witha great and touching story.

return to the cc, jolliet jane! we miss you!
and keep animating, you have lots o' skills!
happy clock-day!

That really hit me when you mentioned ebaum. But fear not. I will always support B.

B will live on spread to the minds of the new.

Strawberryclock deserves a fucking medal for that speech.

That is all I have to say. May the clockcrew live on even through the shittiest of Internet times!

what happened to our society... long live the orange shell.

*breaks down into tears*

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Aug 15, 2013
8:16 PM EDT