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Pokemon Adventure

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We grew up with Pokemon as a game and an anime cartoon as children and it still remains a nostalgic and well loved subject in our hearts! So we decided to do a comedy Pokemon parody to express our appreciation and admiration for the Nintendo title.
We wrote this Pokemon parody short based around some of the amusing scenarios that can take place during the gameplay of a Pokemon game (which are some of the best loved games out there) and we played with the ideas as to how they could be fused together in a cartoon style like the Pokemon anime series to become more comedic and to give this battle a story.
We based the two Pokemon trainer characters on ourselves; Jordan and Dan, because its fun to make cameos ;)
We worked hard to make this animation stand out from our previous ones by giving it more screen direction, and to explore more visual effects as well as musical effects!
The music was inspired by the original 'wild Pokemon' battle music from the games and another popular track from the Pokemon games and Pokemon anime, and we 'covered' this ourselves using our home-made recording studio. Do take note that we do not own the original writings of the tracks, and recreated them as Pokemon inspired covers.
Hopefully we can make more Pokemon and other parodies like this in future.
Great respect goes out to the creators of Pokemon and other related assets, please know there is no malicious intent with this parody, we have created it out of our love and appreciation for the games and anime series.
Thank you for watching.
We are in no way claiming rights or ownership to any Nintendo titles, names, concepts, characters, musics or any other details.
Animated by Dan Sexton & Written by Jordan Stevenson.
Voiced by Dan Sexton & Jordan Stevenson.
(The credits glitched up so I've credited freesound.org users in the description)
Thanks to freesound.org users:
mattwasser, joeliomartini, m-o-m,
cgeffex, shaynecantly, bradwesson,
randomationpictures, fins, conleec,
adamweeden, firecamel, mlestn1


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*nuke gos off* but it missed

Crunchlins responds:

^_^ Haha thanks for watching!

xD the dude used the weak powers xD I like the animation

Crunchlins responds:

Thanks very much! It's quite an old one now, glad you like it!

I actually love this. The animation is GREAT & you're awesome :) <3

Crunchlins responds:

Thanks! :D

Good idea.
Poor making.

It's such a shame. I feel like the jokes could have been REALLY well done, but it just fell flat with how much time it took with the animations.
Remember, in an animation, timing is KEY. It's seriously a good idea. I would have loved it if not for the delayed reactions :(