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Space Dexterity 2

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Help deliver supplies back to Earth with your superior hand eye coordination and sheer determination. Avoid obstacles and travel through wormholes to do what you must!

Move your ship to the portal. Avoid obstacles such as lasers, comets, asteroids, and black holes.

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Pretty good. The mechanics work properly, although the movement is a little too fast (But I bet you meant to do that. It made it ALOT more interesting having to watch how much you press). It was pretty addictive, although the background music was really annoying after a while. My only real issue is with one level, after I died once, even if I didnt move to begin the level again, a passing comet could kill me like, 6 times in a row. Still, mad good job :)

Fun. Quick. Two strong suggestions/requests:
-Give a short amount of time between a death and the new ship's response, something like 1/4 second. As it is with no delay, one death almost always means two because the finger is still correcting for the first ship's path, and the player has very, very little time to realize A) that the first ship is gone, B) that the second ship is moving, and C) how to correct for B. Just a tiny delay would solve a lot of unjust frustration.
-Make some kind of ending. Even just a screen that says "You did it in ___ deaths!" would be better than the current HERE-IS-A-LEADERBOARD-THE-GAME-IS-RES TARTING-NOW. I dig the positive taglines at the end of stages, but without something at the end it kind of leaves the experience hollower than it has to be.

I think this game is great. the funky music just makes it better. I love the fact you can solve a level in different ways depending how big a risk taker you are :D!

Well made game. The only weird thing was the "gravity" pulling the ship down all the time. Isn't it in space? Also the game doesn't save progress? Who has time to play all the levels in one sitting?