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Art of War

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This was my senior thesis for my graduation. The story is a tad bit better than my previous submission, but it's apparent from my other submission that storyline is an aspect that I need to work on. This is probably my last submission for August until I hone in on some of those said skills.

P.S- I did A LOT of erasing :/

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Cool idea and great animation work ^^ I can imagine all the erasing you had to do to get this thing finished :P

CrabbWalker responds:

Thank you :D

I thought everything was fantastic! Great job man

CrabbWalker responds:

Thanks man! I appreciate the time and your comment :)

I only have one problem with this. The punch looks really weak making it look kinda arkward, Maybe make the hand end where his head was.

Anyway i enjoyed it good job.

CrabbWalker responds:

I agree, thanks for enjoying it!!!!

Everytime I drop acid this happens... god... love the work man

CrabbWalker responds:


Front page material. Very neat, and I liked the cliffhanger-ish ending.

Although the guys lips looks like he had Botox treatments.

CrabbWalker responds:

Yeah man, that is one fateful error that'll scar me for the rest of my life...0_0 Thanks for the review!!!