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Gunman: Man Made Of Guns

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Both of these shorts were made in a single weekend for Titmouse's 5 Second Day.

Whats 5 Second day you ask? Thats when Titmouse gives us rank and file artists the day off and let us flex our creative muscles on our own short! The only rule is that they have to be at least 5 seconds long. I went a little overboard this year and made two shorts!

Hope you guys like it, it's the first thing I've uploaded to Newgrounds in about 4 years...

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great animation, nice art style and voice acting,the last newspaper was hilarious.great job

this is incredibly well made, but i feel like it's a more concise and slightly less sharp version of Harry Partridge's 'Dr. Bees'. Not accusing you of ripping him off, just saying that this short sort of got overshadowed when a version exists with the same joke but (in my opinion) a more fresh execution. Other than that it's fantastic.

Didn't see that ending coming. Poor Mr. Whiskers... XD

Also, random rant, has anyone ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree? Proof that they don't get "stuck". :D

I laughed so F*cking hard. This made my day.

But poor mister whiskers :(

laughing so hard at this thought I was going to choke..
well done..

i love how you just know when gunman is around just by sound alone..
there needs to be a gun man 2..
possibly even a 3..