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I'm back.
This is the film I made for my examination from the Swedish animation school Diagonal Akademin.

It took me 3 months of intense work to get it done.
And it's all straight ahead animation, that's how my other animations where made, and that's how I love to animate.

Hope you like it!
it realy is a nice symbol, it symbolizes so many things.

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Nice, fluid animation, and it showed just how offensive a good defense can be. As far as fighting goes. I'd love to see more of your work, keep it up!

I loved the animation, But I agree with Swordmanofhope, You did mix the characters up. guess you fellt for the sterotype of black being dark and evil, while white being bright and good.
Still a good animation, despite a bit missleading.

I loved the idea... just essentially I think the storyboard was a little off by comparison to what is represented. Yin is black and Yang is white. Yin is feminine, Yang is masculine. Yin is passive and considered defensive, while Yang is active and offensive.
In a combat situation it would be Yang/white that would be offensive with straight attacks(some were), while Yin/black would be defensive and passive(shown by you with its fluid form). I just felt like the roles were reversed from what they should be.
The only other thing I didn't like was that it seemed that Yang/white won the fight rather than truly coming into harmony with Yin/black(noticed by how Yin/black was small and how even the background at the end with the symbol was white(grey would be more suitable)). Another is that the portrayal of it was that Yang/white was good while Yin/black was vicious or bad. In philosophy evil only exists when yin/yang are out of balance, not that one or the other is evil/bad(if yin/yang were good/evil, there would be no hope for peace/harmony).

Outside of this feeling on philosophy, the artwork was beautiful and the sound was fitting, so I still rank highly

VarGlad responds:

Thanks for your great feedback!
I was aware of much of this while I was making the movie. But I made the whole thing without a story board and the whole end I had to conceive and animate in about 3 days xD So I am a bit displeased my self that it's not representing yin and yang entirely as it should be...

But here is how I look at the movie as it turned out.
Yang is active, all he wants to do after this separation is to re unite and he got all the love at the separation.
Yin is passive and defensive. When they separate yin got all the fear and can only sense fear no matter how loving yang is. But the inmost feeling of yin is also to reunite again.
The victory at the end is basically that yang in an as direct way as possible gets rid of yins fear with his love. And that once the fear is trapped under all those hearts yin is finally able to let herself reunite again.
And as I said, the whole ending was really rushed, I really would have liked to put much more thought in to it.
So it is more a movie about love vs fear, instead of yin vs yang.
And that's why I chose to call it it's a nice symbol, the symbol it self has many interpretations I think.

It's so beautiful! Lovely work! Great job, like the intensity of Yin and the love from Yang

I love your message, it is one from the heart and so reflective of how life really is :) Why doesn't everyone see it like this? Rely on love and happiness because you are just fighting yourself!! thank you ;)

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Aug 7, 2013
8:59 AM EDT