I will Die 2

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A Second series of I will Die game. Play your favorite game in three
different worlds. A new strategy game with unique concept with classic
sad instrumental theme. He don't want to live without her and hence he
decided to die. Help him die to pass each level. Die without armor or
without using any weapons.


The game itself is too repetitive. But that soundtrack... It just deserves stars. Story was nice at beginning, quotes after dying are moving too. Game could be really good. Let's think, he could go through levels where he sees all of their memories and at the end he could go and kill himself. So I'm giving 5 for perfect music and story which could have been different.

Idea was great, the execution, not so much (my rating is almost entirely from the idea), the obstacle boundaries didn't seem well defined, you should either put a reset button on the games screen rather than in the pause menu or make those falling blocks respawn (I personally would prefer the reset button) as well as the controls were slow to react, and not very sensitive, the jumping was screwy, if you weren't on completely level ground without anything next to you, you couldn't jump

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thats hella fun i wish there where more games on here like this one or madness...haha!

Not worth your time. If you are reading this while you are waiting for the game to load, trust me, its not worth it. A toddler could easily figure it out, not to mention there is very little gore or creativity. The story itself looks extremely shitty, and is also very simple. I believe I am being generous with my score.

oh joy another suicide game this is stupid i don't like any of this not even the deaths they can ether be over the top or predictable. try again you can always do better

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2.77 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2013
1:08 AM EDT
Strategy - Other