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This is episode 6 of Foxy Apartment.

This week we are bringing you an infomercial about a wonderful new product called Huff-N-Puff. You'll be looking sexy and dropping pounds every day with this beast of a product.

Thank you for the support. ENJOY!!

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huff and puff

Lol all the boobs

The animation's pretty good and the characters are trippy and cool. Gotta say, I love the whole warped and twisted setting, it's bizarre but I love it. That melting sun was sweet too.

I laughed a couple of times, the idea of Huff n Puff (god, I can't get it out of my head now) is a pretty funny one. The voice yelling out HUFF N PUFF got a bit boring and annoying too after a while but I still can't help but chuckle at it. Overall, good work!

Affinitia responds:

Thank you very much for your thoughtful review and helpful input. I really want to make an entire animation that looks like the hallucinogenic scene x100. Maybe someday. :D Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to go huff some cake out of a bag.

nice cartoon, once more!
it had a creative idea, like the charming seller (the snake-seller was male, or female?!) who sells this magical bag called huff N puff, and it makes you thin, stronger, and if you are a girl, with larger knockers!
i also liked how well-designed the characters were, starting from the scary, snake-like person, (if he is male, you should create his female counterpart, in my opinion! hahah), also the girl who smokes (the mani character in this) was also very well drawn, and her lip-syncing was great, also all teh other characters were well designed, and it's funny, every woman, from the ninja to the old lady, everyone had large boobs. this product does wonders!

also, the parts were it said ''you can lie about your age...we understand.'' or, the ''easy payments of 99999, for 3 years'',were fun, and the credit card names were simply genius! mustard card, diskuver, ve/za, hahahaha! great name ideas, very inventive, and fun.

overall, this was a great animation, and a nice funny story.
do more!

(at the beggining, when i saw the title ''huff N puff'', i thought you would mention the big bad wolf in this, but it seems you didnt. good cartoon, nontheless!)
keep it up, folks!

Affinitia responds:

The salesman is named "Thor" and Nikki has a counterpart for him that we still need to animate and really birth into his mate. I'm glad that you enjoyed the movie. Your review literally made our day, I'm so glad that you appreciated the little details too!

great artwork. love how effing random it is with the chicks all having obscenely large chests