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Front Yard Wrestling

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For all those 9-year-old wrestling champions out there. Not much of an animation, just wanted to share the story. Thanks for watching. Brewstew.com

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yeah i did this shit to

HAhah great stuff I grew up the same way ! But I had to play wrestle with my older cousin who was a champ on his wrestling team and 4 times the size of me so I would always throw or hit him with pillows like "take that chair shot big fella!" then he would test out a body slam on me which always ended the match cause I was to scared to get back up lol

And an entertaining story it was! Limp Bizkit must have weighed heavy on those years too. So many references. :) And now that you mention him yeah, I do remember Rakishi. Think I tried to forget...


childhood memories are the best )

I agree with wegra you should do stand up comedy! Woud be succesful