SS ~ Cycles N' Sine Waves

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Believe it or not, the original script for this was written waaaayy back over a year ago. What sparked the inspiration was meeting two of my biggest inspirations. My friends Michael Evans, and Ray Kamille, through which I learned so much about the flow, light, waves, and how they relate to our experiences here on 3D, that i wrote a draft for this!

Over the past year, the creation and editing of this script just didn't flow, i couldn't seem to create it, something was missing....

And now, as a part of the "Lesson 22 Series about Light", it's back and a doozy! I think you'll really like this one a lot.

This lesson is all about Cycles and Waves, what "Going with the Flow" means, and taking a deeper look at the fractal nature of time, DNA, and the different kinds of cycles that exist all around us that we are a part of.

This video is also a shout out to all of you Mathematics teachers out there. You know how the students always look at Sine waves and say "How am I going to use this at all out in the real world?", and nobody seems to have an answer?

Now you can show them this video :P

Much love everyone, have a happy Monday!

Background art by the incredible Chris Masterton,
Animated and Edited by Jordan Pearce,
With Additional Writing and Awesome Input by Ray Kamille,
And editing by Landon Avalon

http://thespiritscience.n et


I love these videos. Any time you talk about sensitive topics like religion or how people should act, you're going to get a bunch of twats that scream heresy because they feel as though you're implying it isn't productive to scream heresy when they don't agree with something. Furthermore, I feel like the videos themselves are pretty well made in comparison to a good percent of the content on newgrounds, and it deserves better than no stars for that. Plus, awesome soundtracks. I heard emancipator for the first time in a SS video and it forever improved the quality of my walks to the store.

Hum... I'll take the good with the bad.

The animation is kinda simple, but I suppose that isn't really the point of this, now is it? I'll be honest, I find a lot of your stuff here (and previous videos, which I only watched a few of) a bit wacky, and I don't go for it. However, I can't deny you DO make a lot of good points and observations. You do have some fascinating material, interesting at the least, informative at the best.

Honestly I don't see why people have to call this propaganda, or why they think they should see it as flawless information. It isn't either. I don't think it is completely accurate, and it has to be purposefully misleading to be propaganda.

Again, I say I don't agree with most of your stuff here, however, people, take the good with the bad. Learn from what you can, and deal with what you can't. At the end of the day, in my case, at least I enjoyed a hilariously fantastic analogy involving a poo sandwich.

People are honest A**Hol*s. If you dont like it, dont watch it. and it isnt propaganda.

the difference between propaganda and education is the perspective of the observer. You people perceive propaganda because you have been brainwashed.

RiverJordan responds:

lol! i like this :P

Working for months on an animation, just to look and the comments and see that everyone hates it must be really harsh. I feel bad for you.

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