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Endless Zombie Shootout

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Author Comments

The game is based on mouse movement. You just aim the mouse at the quick moving target, click the mouse to shoot them and keep your gun reloaded by pressing R to do so. Once you have completed shooting the prescribed number of Zombies, the next level unlocks for you. You have 8 formidable levels to pass through.

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this game sucks

and it gets on star for the fantastic author comments. Hilarious.
Otherwise this game is so-so and adds nothing new to the pantheon of zombie shooters.

Good start. I actually enjoyed playing this game but it needs more work to be considered a great game that keeps you playing. I went until about the third level and kind of got tired of it. I think the practice mode should definitely be optional or be a separate game mode. The zombies need to be more dangerous too. Like in arcade shooters where something pops up in front of you and you have to shoot it really fast? Put that in here. Maybe make it happen when you don't shoot one fast enough onscreen. More zombies at once too. Faster pace and more action. Maybe something that ties the levels together and ends in fighting a couple bosses along the way. I also noticed some complaints about the reload time but it seems right to me. However I was able to hold down R and get infinite reloads which makes the reload feature useless. I liked the art style and the cut-out style of the zombies. The surreal nature made them seem bizarre and cool. But I would like to see a sequel or update with more stuff.

a few things that may help;
the game is solid as it is, but sense the zombies do nothing but shift around unnaturally, it loses the danger element.
also different kinds of guns would make it a little more divers, and keep it from getting stale so quickly.
I get that you wanted to make it E rated; so maybe if it were say, a paintball gun or something, it would fit the cardboard cut out style of the zombies.

kinda good needs work doh like reload time and have them not come out of the same spot

Credits & Info

2.72 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2013
11:04 AM EDT