Auto Smash 3D!

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Destroyer 50 Points

Smashed 50 cars in one life

Stomper 50 Points

Jumped 10 cars in midair in one life

Survivor 50 Points

Survived 5 minutes

The Android 50 Points

Player unlocks the android outfit

The Bimbo 50 Points

Player unlocks the bimbo outfit

Undead 50 Points

Played 10 times in one session

Author Comments

Reckless City cars do not give way to pedestrians. Help resurrected girl take revenge by tossing shoes at the reckless cars. Smash them to bits with mighty footwear!

Thank you peeps for being such fans of my silly game! I have added new special stuffs into the game to make it more ridiculous and fun.

Updates 14 Dec 2013!
- Added new helicopter gunship for you to smash up
- Added new UFO just for the fun of it
- Now you can opt to start the game with advanced cars immediately on the road for you ppl who maxed out.
- Included single use nuke bombs purchase
- included single use invulnerability shield purchase

- WASD or arrow keys to move
- Spacebar to attack
- use Down Arrow or S to backflip and avoid cars
- hold Shift key for back view

#Special Moves Tips
1) When a car is right in front and almost hits the girl, do a backflip to kick the car into the air
2) When the car is just going up in the air and near enough, press attack and the girl can stomp it in midair. Throwing pickup items at cars will get them at just the right height.

Fixed Bugs
- fixed that annoying first footstep sound bug
- minor improvements to gameplay

I apologise for the awful loading, i have not yet figured out how to embed 3D assets in frame 2...
Ops scores panel was reset, too much traffic...

Many Thanks to NewGrounds for featuring my game! :)

* Flash Player 11 required
** Parental Guidance Advised
*** Do not try this on the roads

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Game lags up to all hell and is not remotely reasonably playable unless you set the quality to low. Unfortunately the game also removes the ability to change the quality, so you have to right-click, set quality to Low *before* the game fully loads!

If you do that, the game plays quite nicely and there are no problems.

Also, the game looks just fine on low quality so the only thing med or high quality were doing is just making it lag up to all hell. Don't need that!

Pretty darn good graphics at least up to Nintendo 64 quality or PlayStation quality. Music isn't bad either! And there's just tons of animations and effects in this. Would have been straight-up 5 stars if it wasn't for the default of super lag setting with removing ability for the user to switch to low quality once the game's loaded.

Pretty dope

This is a fun game
But not enough customization needs a maid outfit and nude look

Cool/fun/unique/interesting game! Is there any way to download it? Or is there a portable version out there somewhere? I'd hate to see this game disappear someday. :(

Don't even call your game silly. This is a serious game! From the description, okay, it sounds silly. But this game has stood the test of time for me. I play it at least 10 games a week for over a year now. It may have started, because the main character is hot, but I got over that after a couple weeks. I love how you used the direction and size of the arrows to give us a sort of virtual peripheral vision. Very cool! I also appreciate that I don't have to be spot on with the aim. I do on most games, like to be able to turn off the game music, but this game is so cool, I couldn't fault you for that. Just when I thought the excitement of playing it might be wearing, I sprung for her bathing suit, and it's a totally hot game again. Thank you very much.

Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2013
3:28 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person