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Malt Liquor Factory

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Lol, I fucking love it. USED ONLY MY MOUSE TO MAKE CHARACTERS! Its harder than you think so ont mind its shitty-ness, but I do need some help with ideas on how to improve. Please rate what you think this deserves... my only goal is to get atleast 3 stars!(: Thanks for watching I hope you enjoy! And please leave some constructive criticism down below to help me out a bit! THANKS! ohh yea and anyone know how I can make my own Icons?

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i loved this! it was so funny. It had a kind of game grumps fanimation feel to it ( and i love game grumps). the only thing i didn't really like was how the characters talked, their mouths just opened and it was kind of weird. i know some people might say it looks good like that but i disagree. oh and one other thing. that clock looks messed up, it looks really scribblie. but besides that this was great and i loved the black guys voice! it suit what he was saying perfectly!

keep up the good work darksharkssm! :)

i think this is the funniest thing i've ever seen like me and my friends just watched it like 15 times in a row and were crying cause we we were laughing so hard. holy shit dude just keep working on your animation i look forward to your future animations.

Darksharkssm responds:

thnks man!

I really liked the animations idea, it also made me laugh. But a few things that you could definitely improve on is: 1) You need to put more frames in and make it less choppy (more mouth moevement, maybe add a tongue to show sound movements) and also the movement of the characters in general. The art is could definitely be improved on but that comes with practice I guess. Besides that, keep up the great work!

Darksharkssm responds:

thanks! I just need to get a tablet so it will be easier to draw what i want!

Actually, I found that funny. x)

How to improve? Well, there was more of a slideshow feel than animation to it. You need a few more frames to push it into the animation catagory. Sound was pretty good. Story was funny. Go to my most recent new post for tips and tutorials that might be helpful; especially the tutorials.


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