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Desert Spirits

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Animation I made for my new and own company,
you can check it out here:


Special thanks to my love Bianca Bumbulut and wandschrank for his awesome music.


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The animation appeared to be skilled as the animation is very smooth and there is an attempt to tell a story without the need of saying any words. Though the problem is that the characters appears to be very rigid and robot like movements due to the characters appearing to be formed from card boards or cut out from color papers which cause them to be less expressive and mobile. The other problem is that the story can roughly be understand and known by at least guessing but the ending is very confusing though did to try create humor in it. To me, I advise that you can use your skills to create a better animation through better art than waste it on creating a good animated animation with a meaningless or confusing story with rough arts that only manage to roughly make the character look human.

This is the lowest rating I've given a flash so far,so I'll explain the reason for doing so.Every half-decent flash should have a redeeming quality in case everything else goes wrong.In this case,it's the unusual animation which is what kept me from giving this zero stars.Aside from that,about everything else is so confusing and bizarre that I have literally no idea what I watched,and I really doubt it's because I'm too stupid to understand without needing it explained to me.You could say I'm hating on this,and maybe I am.I guess it's because I've seen so many excellent pieces of work on this site that I've developed a certain taste when it comes to watching what this wonderful visual buffet has to offer,and like a bad meal gives you a stomachache,this left me with a headache.

um.... what does your new company, for which this was made, sell? guitars? Animation was good, but I withhold perfect score due to lack of (explained) plot.

MKjack responds:

My company is about design, web, animation, illustration and photography. And it tell's a visual story with multiple characters, which is about variety and multiple cultures.
This animation is kinda like a prologue, just to show an atmosphere :)

Did you check out my homepage? It's www.mu-ku.net :)
Maybe then it would make a little bit more sense to you.


badass cow is badass