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Time Collector

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Time Collector is a 2D Platformer in a randomly generated endless world. the goal of the game is to collect as many coins as you can. You start off with 100 seconds to find the first, and the time slowly goes down from there. Equipped with a skin shop and leaderboards, Time Collector is sure to make you want to come back for more.

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This is a pretty good game other than just a few small things. The first being is that i kept being spawned inside of blocks and the only way to get out is to refresh the page. My other is just a suggestion, maybe instead of chasing around one coin at a time just have them dispersed all over the map. Other than that, this is truly a fun game and i haven't played something quite like it before.

In a platformer, controls are like the economy. You have to have faith in them, or else the whole system falls apart. While I like the idea of a randomly generated platformer, where your goal shifts every time you find it, I do not like the idea of having my controls jacked from under me and being thrown into seizure mode every time I have to touch a nongreen block. If you could find a different obstacle than just "To hell with any ability to control your character,", then this would definitely be a better game.

I like it alot really, (especially the song!). It's a cool idea, and the gameplay feels really good,but I really feel like it'd be more fun without the traps, since the increase in challenge comes from the reduced time it'd still provide as much challenge, it'd just kill us off a little slower.

Well, I like the idea. However it does have a few inherent flaws that one finds in 'randomly' generated worlds.

The first being that I had to try and play the game 4 times before I was even able to play it because it kept spawning me inside of a block.

Secondly as a result of the random generation it is not always possible to get to all locations from where you are. I.e. paths can be blocked or too heavily trapped to travel.

Speaking of traps there are far too many to start the game off, with the high movement speed and number of traps you quickly find yourself plummeting into the pit. And as I mentioned before there isn't always a way back.

Now these would not be an issue if the world looped back on itself, however it does not appear to. Indeed I could not find anything resembling an edge.

Also the high score board doesn't work.

It is an OK game though and for what it is worth when it did work I did enjoy playing it, I thought it was fun and challenging. The randomness keeps the game fresh but it can cause problems. A good way to solve this would be to put a time out on each coin so that you wouldn't have to wait forever for it, and to have a not so random area for the player start. I do think that the number of traps should be reduced or at least mix them up a bit so it isn't just all inverted controls.

Good concept though.

Very good game! Challenging, fun, fitting music, plus it has procedural generating which is always great!