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This was inspired by someone I used to know very well who I saw at a party recently, I rarely make a animations 'with a message' but I guess this one is vaguely personal. I've tried modelling the storyboard similarly to people like V.Veritas, and some of the old 2005/2006 animators who I really admire to get the right mood for this.

There isn't a huge message behind it, and I didn't make it for anyone except myself, however please feel free to read into it what you will... As always any comments / feedback / criticism is always appreciated, and I read every review I get ;)


Looks lie someone have experienced ketamine.
Still quality doesn't acually fits but still nice feedback to 2005-6

fimanimation responds:

Did you read the description? This was based off of someone I saw who had taken a lot of ket at a party lol, I guess that's why it turned out looking more like an generic acid trip than a 'k-hole' since I couldn't really draw from experience! If you don't mind me asking, what did you mean by the quality didn't fit? Inbox me if you like x

Don't have a bad trip, dude.

I liked the non-judgemental evocation of the "house party" scene.

fimanimation responds:

Cheers! Thanks for the feedback. I don't think house partys are bad at all, they are good fun :)

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Jul 30, 2013
11:34 AM EDT