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Australasia - Antenna

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Weekly 5th, nice!

One of my graduation films. Official video to the song Anenna by the Italian post-rock band Australasia.

Antenna is a music video about a world full of crows, where the world is about to come to an end.
Spend roughly 5 months on this video.
Had to overcome a lot of challenges in the process, but now it is finished. Really hope you enjoy the video and the music.

Oh, and I aced my graduation, in case anyone is wondering ;)

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Crazy man. I remember back in the day when I used to watch your sprite flashes and use your tutorials.

You sure have come far :P.


Haha, cool to see someone who still knows me from back in the day =D Good old times. Yeah I try to keep improving upon myself. Don't do much flash anymore but I like it that newgrounds now also has a video feature so I can share my video's on here :) Glad you liked it!

wow it's juste awesome, beautiful, clean, magical !

Seriously you did a wonderful job, really thanks for this moment !!




Thanks for the review ^^ Glad you like it!

excellent, it's for those rare gems like this one i keep coming to newgrounds. Visual candy, nice use of 3D, good story that corresponds well to the music. i'm sure all your profs said this as well. as you aced it.

you're not the first (and probably not the last student) who puts their graduation films on NG. the rare ones that do mean a breath of fresh air to me. please spread the word and please keep making and posting these.

Belgian Blam Squad > Dutch people club LOL





Hehe, thanks man :P

One of the best things I've seen on newgrounds, technically and quality-wise. You should be fucking proud of yourself, I'd love to know how you made it, what software you used, what was your inspiration, and are you perusing an animation career professionally?


Hey! Glad you like it!
I modelled and animated in Modo, did the fire in fumeFX (3ds max plugin) composited in after effects and did some rotoscoping in flash. Inspiration came from the music, I was asked to do the video and these were pictures that came to mind, stylewise I tried to make it fit the style of the music. Band is really happy with it so thats nice :) As I said in the description I just graduated, I just got hired at a job at a creative agency where I will work as a motiongraphics artist for commercials where I will start soon. But I will still keep doing personal projects, I just love making stuff like this. Thanks for watching!

This video was simply amazing! What programs did you make it with?


Thank you :) I used a lot of different software packages. Mainly Modo for the 3d and After effects for compositing. Also used fumefx (for 3ds max) for the fire simulations.