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Why just run while you can cut something as well?

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I don't have much bad to say here but not much good either, the game works well but the text is hard to see.the click and drag sword thing is cool but i don't see how the score is being calculated maybe a mile counter could make that easier for people to understand and a run down of what they scored at then end of each run.

I don't like the system with the sword; it's original in a game like this, but you don't use this idea very good...

this is actually an interesting blend of game genres, and works pretty well really, but you need a lot of work on the polish of the game, especially the text(its really hard to read). also, I think that being able to move back and forward would make the game feel alot better as the killer bee is way more difficult than the rest of the game. also, the subject matter isn't really that fun,cool, or intersting, in fact I don't even know what the main character sprite is supposed to be. but even with all of this, I can see the creativity behind the game, and I like it. Keep on going!

Pretty good, a little rough and bland, with a few minor glitches and annoyances.

In detail, I feel like the UI could use some work. Doesnt look very user friendly and is a little dry in my opinion. Its definitely to the point and doesnt leave any holes, just a little straining on the eyes. The white text on the light background is a killer, too :P

The game play is rough, I could barely get my knife to cut things, but then again, I was also playing on a laptop track pad. The concept is good, and it is fairly well executed. Could be made with a litle more umph, you know?

The upgrade system does well, and gives some variety. I also like how you had the different abilities too! :D I just think the flash ability is a little misleading. Its more like phase-walking through objects rather than flashing over them :P Unless you meant LITERALLY flashing in opacity, then I guess you win by wit, good sir ;) Still, my fav abilitiy, I must say.

The music works good with it, the sound effect are okay. All in all, I can give this a solid 3 stars. I think with a little work, this could be a pretty neato game :) Least more neato, ya know? ;D

It's a okay game just need some work done. It's hard to read the rules because the print is to small and you have is all bunched up. You'll have to fix that now if you can fix all the bugs and probs in it I'm sure this game would be awesome