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Run run run! Beware of spikes, boulders and windmill blades as they'll chop you up!

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Are most of these reviewers high? Because I've read all the other reviews and they're all bringing up the submit score thing and stuff about the music. Literally, early on with this game (and this is the game's biggest flaw clearly), you die no matter what! Not the worst game on Newgrounds obviously... but jeez, dude! @.@

i like the battleblock therter kind of look

A bit unpolished, I would say. The whole "Submit" thing is quite annoying, a simple "Retry" button would be a great asset. I would have played longer if I didn't have to stop everytime to force submit.

fun for a little bit, and the music was kinda nice the first time I played, other than that the forced score submit was a bit annoying.

there is a sound glitch taht macks it so the music stops when you reload, the game is simple and the background looks unpalished. i dont want to get hung up on graphics but with so little gameplay that became distracting to me. maybe with some more music and cleaner gameplay that wouldn't be a thing.but im sad to say that i got board of this after about fifteen minutes because of that. im sorry.

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3.29 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2013
11:48 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid