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The Overseer: Valiance

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The man has arrived to his destination.
He has trekked across seas, plains and deserts and persevered through mother nature and hopelessness.
But no journey is without conflict, be it physical or within.
The man must ready his rifle. There are others who stand in his way.
Leave a comment with your thoughts! It's a huge motivator, whether good or bad.

Part 3 of "The Overseer" Saga
Part 2 "Omniscience": http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/620432
-The trek continues with a brief glimpse into the man's past.
Part 1 "Loyalty": http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/619414
-Introduction to the man and his stuffed companion.

Animated with Anime Studio 9
Edited with AVS Video/Audio Editor
Music by Austin Wintory from the video game "Journey".
I claim no ownership of the music used herein.

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The animation needs work imo. It was kinda boring for me too, should have added more actual movements for action. Could have more sound effects and music too. The gun shots sfx kinda irritates me since they're "breaking the silence". It's still pretty good tho.

aggimajera responds:

Honest criticism is always welcome :)

I can only find a minor thing I dislike here: The sometimes choppy animation.

Other then that, this is just great. The b/w silhouette art style fits perfect to the grim atmosphere of the entire movie! You build an intriguing storyline, I doubt anyone who watched the first minute of this didn't want to know how it ends. The sound effects (gunshots, metallic whir at the flashbacks) add well to the complete work, too.

What I don't understand: Why don't you mention the other parts of "The Overseer" in your author comments?! I'm sure many NGers who watched this also like to watch the first episodes, I sure did, since you took your time & patience to create a rough, hard and unforgiving story arc!
Man, I like that stuff!

aggimajera responds:

You know... that is a genius observation! I will implement that for sure.
And thank you for your compliments :)

Art and sounds are good but the movements seems a little simple for me. But the battle was so interesting and fun. It cept exciting till the end. Damn good job.

aggimajera responds:

Very blunt and straightforward. Thank you :)
BTW... I'm confused. "It cept"? Kept tight?

"Ya trahal tvou doch" lol

aggimajera responds:

You know what it means huh?
Figured it'd be a nice final lime for him :D

Would this be considered as black on black crime?

lol, yea, but it was a nice movie. The gun sounds were really realistic and well made. I also found the design of the characters cool specifically the guy with the mustache. I thought at the end, while his friend was getting shot, he would take the pistol and get the final kill, but the teddy bear distracted him and then he ended up dying well... with the way you ended it, the mustache guy could have possibly survived but most likely he did die. Great work :D

aggimajera responds:

Good joke is a good joke :)
To answer your question about the mustache guy... it's not looking well for him.
And thank you!