Ride of his life

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Dodge everything, can you hold out till the end?


wow... this game is a really bad.. your just a guy riding on a sandwitch on the "ride of his life" Instead took a detour on the terrible game of his life! no powerups! this game is almost IMPOSSIBULE. 0 out of 5

add a high score system to this and i will love you forever <3

Locomotivator responds:

The game has an ending, and isn't even 30 seconds long, it would be kinda silly I think.

"TMNT in time" is the music LittleInferno. as for the game... well the game play isn't that engaging. the controls are strangle tight; the sprites look stock, but i'm working on programing my own game right now and i'm using stock pixels also so i cant dock you on that. but your end credits are really cool. in the end i'm going to have to think this was a test game, you had a peaces of software you wanted to try out, maybe spent a weak patching it together and you ended up with this platform for a future project. if that is the case, you did well. the game looks alright, the animation is choppy, and the screen scrolls a little fast, but know you know the fundamentals of a runner game. take what you lurned here and use it to make a "Cannonbolt" style game with some new animations and maybe a level progression or power-up system and you have something good on your hands. it looks to my like you have an idea and your trying to find a way to make it work for you. keep it up, your next game wil be that much cooler.

ermm... BLAM

Locomotivator responds:

you are late to the party

It's fucking repetetive, boring, annoying and with no effort. Seriously, get this cancer off newgrounds right now. BLAM!

Locomotivator responds:

Sorry Dave I cannot do that.

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1.95 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2013
6:40 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid