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Jason's First Ride

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Jason and Tom take a trip down memory lane.

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woo! epic! it's so nice to see yet another episode of ''jason's old ride''. it's great buddy movie, and it tells us the great tale of tom and jason, and how their epic friendship began. one's a raging phsycopath, the other the blunt voice of logic. the one is a anger-beast, the other a calm force, that talks with reason and logic, trying to soothe and eliminate jason's desire for violence.
we dont know who will win this battle, but we know for sure that tom,and jason are two very good friends.

in this episode, i like the twist in the storyline, and how tom and jason, remember the days of tehir youth, when the two were just boys, and how you depicted the whole event. jasons boy face sure is creepy, but also it's kinda funny.
also, i liked how the duo met with the girl from the ''ring'', but man, i felt so sad when jason dumbed tom, and left him in the wilderness, so that he can score a date with mam sadako.
will she become their yoko?
who knows, let's hope that their friendship will be stronger than the strongest rock, and that it will triumph over all obstacles, and odds.

tho, something tells me, that after his date, jason will teach tom how to date girls, and how to react to them.

hmm. a good movie, with humour, and friendship. what more to ask?
funny, and well-executed. and very neatly drawn.

lastly, radish-clock is back?! COOL! come by at the CC to post, people miss you, you know?
good film.

RadishClock responds:

You have a good eye for movies starring Jason Voorhees and Tom Hanks.
Don't worry about Jason and Tom's friendship. Bros come before hoes, even if the ho is as smokin' hot as Sadako.

ARRRRRRRRRRR this movie be the single greatest motion picture experience I ever did see with me own one eye! 5 STARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS!

RadishClock responds:

Make Trirates 2, you scurvy dog

Game changing. A buddy movie with a difference. The difference being Jason and Tom.

RadishClock responds:

Yes, but will the friendship survive the third wheel that is Sadako? Only time will tell.

Time's up, answer is yes.

I laughed out loud.
I'm not sure why, something about the presenation made it really funny.
Even though this looks like it's been made in 10 minutes it gives the flash some kind of charm.
I liked it!

RadishClock responds:

You have great tastes in cinema and a real eye for quality. Thank you for your review, you sexy beast you.

An impressive foray into the mind of one of cinema's greatest psychopaths, venturing into childhood with his friend Jason.

Where will they go next? I wait with open flies.

RadishClock responds:

The sky's the limit. As long as there's a ride, there's a way.