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Mauled Zero

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A Tower Defense where you battle through 11 vibrant, animated levels to defeat the evil demon ruling the land. This great game has 11 levels, 21 enemies including one nasty boss! Select from 1 of 4 towers when you are building. Upgrade your towers as you go!

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sooo many bugs i thought my computer was messing up most of the buttons only work half the time my meteor button is on the top of my screen now and not on the bar where it started but its a good looking game and would be so much better if you work out the bugs

So many bugs... I've never seen so many bugs in such a visually-polished game before. Fix them and this could be a contender. Until then, it's unplayable.

shit..... full stop

This TD isn't the best I've played before, however it isn't the worst either, if that's any comfort. One of the chief issues I encountered occurred when I would spam my shocky wizards at a round start in a three-way spawn map and ALL of them would target a SINGLE enemy, when one or three of their bolts would be more than sufficient per grunt. In addition to this, the time-warp (fast forward) will either speed the invaders up too fast, or not work nearly as well as it should.

Don't get me wrong here, I liked this game but it can still use an update or two. Touch up the art a bit , primarily on the landscape since it looks a bit too flat or dull in some areas as well.

There are some things you have to fix, first "Meteor Shower" doesn't reload after the first use and electricity tower cost "80 gold" when the game says "70 gold". Those are little things that are important in the gaming.