The Dinner Date

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To think that this much effort was put into a project that built up to a really immature and physically retarded joke... What do I live for, again?...

This is a project I've been working on for quite some time now, so it's great to finally release it for you guys! Enjoy, or if you don't I don't care... Enjoy anyway, though!

YouTube Version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLVnmNGfCg8


It was okay for what it was worth. I try using a thinner brush for outlines that are purely black otherwise everything looks fat. Alternatively use a thick outline that's a slightly darker colour than the shading colour. You are good at drawing. Keep it up.

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GabrielNovakStudios responds:

Moderately, I would've used the pencil tool to do the shading and lining on the objects in my work, however, this was a very rushed project and I decided to use the paintbrush for the shading and lighting. The thick lines was partially because of the same situation, but it was also because of my drawing style on Flash. I use the thick lines mostly because it stands out, but I'll try to cut out on size next time. Thanks for the suggestions, though. I'll try to improve my work next time. :)

Mediocre animation mixed with no setup and an idiotic punch line. Hilarious.

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GabrielNovakStudios responds:

Why, thank you.

I like how she tries to pull that off coolly and the waiter is just like "Wtf lady"

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GabrielNovakStudios responds:

X3 I know, I suck...

Mostly well done, the music matches, the art is consistent, voices match lip movements and the scenes were cut well. A few minor graphical errors like the candles and the woman's movement could have been fixed to polish this. Very short as you mentioned , just one joke but a good first submission. The facial expression at the end was a bit off though... looked more like he was offended by the woman or really disgusted by her.

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GabrielNovakStudios responds:

Thanks, I had thought of the movements and the candle animation being improved but this was just a project that I had really wanted to get done for a while. This actually, believe it or not, isn't my first animation if you were to look at my YouTube page, but I could see why you would think that by the way this was just thrown together and the way it was made in general. Actually, though, the facial expression at the end was the intended reaction from the waiter (I know, it's confusing that he's repulsed rather than getting a hardon). Thanks for the review, though, it really helped me to improve in the near future!

short and funny! i liked it but i could have been longer

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GabrielNovakStudios responds:

Wow, thank you! I'll definitely keep that in mind for next time.

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Jul 22, 2013
12:08 AM EDT
Comedy - Original