Broken Dreams

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Art game about love. Unique story, hand draw art and clever game puzzles

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Alright, I've read the reviews and the amount of criticism this game is getting is ridiculous. People have described it as being a plagiarism. The sprite characters are indeed taken from Maplestory, but so what? Do you complain about a game that uses a Mario sprites? I've yet to see anyone complain about that so why is this different. It does take a lot from The Company of Myself, in the shadow concept and when the game switches to two characters, but the story, background, music, sprites, and level design are different and those who say the background art is stolen have yet to give one single example.

Even if you did consider this a remake of "The Company of Myself", so what? It's a lot more polished than the original and wouldn't it be paying homage to the game? Though I do think the author should have given credit to the game and said where he got the sprites from (You should always cite your sources). Had the author done this, I'm sure he wouldn't have gotten so much hate/

I thought the voice acting was great: it had emotion in it, which is good. The puzzles really weren't that tough, but this is just my opinion (some of them were tedious, like the 10 lights level).

People are also complaining that the guy is possessive. Yes, he is. That's what the author was trying to convey and I thought the ending line was perfect: it brought truth to the surface and in a way, "broke" the foundation of the main character's dream. I do feel that after the "The End" text appears that the level should end; not just go on for eternity.

The music was fitting and beautiful and overall, it was a good art game.

Don't like the voice overs. This isn't 'hand drawn art'. The characters are taken from the RPG Maplestory...

Will you stop making these overrated stupid games?

Voice acting is bad, graphics are good but the gameplay is just repetitive.

Just to make you not feel sad, here's half a tar.

The Company of Myself gameplay and mechanics. One and One Story-like art and story telling. Nope.

Simply great. Cool story telling and puzzles, have played something like this before. 4 stars

Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2013
2:04 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle
  • Daily 4th Place July 20, 2013