Cold Memories

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1- Use The arrow keys or the (WASD) keys to move Heat.
2 - Press (UP) to jump or (W).
3- Press (R) to restart the level.
4- To read the dialogue in each scene press (S) and to speed up the dialogue press the (Down) arrow key.
5- If the final boss was too hard (or too unfair ... i dunno ^^;;), press (I). You can skip to after you defeat it.


*If by any chance the game freezed at the final boss. You can press (I) at the first level, which will transfer you to the final boss.. I think I fixed the problem there, but if it does happen please do tell so that I will try to fix it again..*

1- This game is a prequel to the first game I made "Heat". To understand the story better and the ending to this game you should probably play the first one.. or watch the play-through (I made one for it on my YouTube channel "Wally0Gaming" if you want... idk) ... Yes I know it's stupid to make a video about your own game.. But I don't think anyone is going to make one.. And if you're not willing to play the first one you can just watch the video..

2- Every level has dialogue in it. so the game has a lot of reading.. If you don't like reading then you probably won't enjoy this game.. because if you play it without reading.. it wouldn't make sense...

3- I hope people would focus on the story more than anything else... because the gameplay isn't that impressive or .. challenging. I didn't want people to just quit playing because of it being either too hard or unfair..

4- Not all music belong to me. they are either covers/remixes/OST from Key visuals such as Rewrite and Little Busters.

5. The final song is called "Love Song" which is the off-vocal version of the song "Love Letter". It's from the game Rewrite.. and I thought it would fit here too ^^;;;

6- If you can't see the screen properly, you can use the launch popup button.

7- There is a hidden place in the game.. If you are interested enough you can look for it..

8- If it takes some time to load.. It's because the game size is slightly big ^^;;, I tried reducing it as much as possible.. But I don't think it can be smaller than that.. I hope it's not a big deal..

*If there are any mistakes or glitches, please tell.. I will try and fix them*

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Someone sure likes Bakemonogatari :3

I fell in a hole, and it wouldn't teleport me out. Other than that, good.

IF the game wouldn't freezes at the fckn final boss I'll give you 4 stars, for such a good story. I spend 1 hour and a half and every time I try to kill him I can't...maybe the game is too literal about "cold memories" jeje, just a joke.

Dark06Star responds:

lol. I'll make a remake of this one day :P

Unfortunately I cannot READ THE STORY because the screen does not stay but goes to the next screen immediately.

Very lovely game as usual! Unfortunately it crashed for me when i was fighting the fireball shooting monster. I am expecting it's near the end.. I really don't feel like playing everything again.. Though I kind of want to know what happens next, hmm maybe I'll play it again some other time.

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3.99 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2013
8:10 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other