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ChuChu Rocket! GameBoy

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to move the cursor
Enter to start / pause the game
Z to place / remove arrows
X to start / restart the stage

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ChuChu Rocket is one great puzzle made by Sega.
I've always loved the original, so seeing this made me smile a bit.

It's a great recreation of the game. The graphics are nice and puzzles were well-thought. Although I think some of them are directly taken from the original.
I know how to play the game, so I didn't really need a tutorial of some sort. But it would be nice to add a player's guide for newcomers. Not everyone is familiar with this game.

This game offers 22 stages, so it's enough content to keep you playing for a while.
This is what would I expect from a GameBoy port of ChuChu Rocket!

This game was very good, I enjoyed it. I have some recommendations that I believe would make the game easier for the player to understand. First please include a tutorial level, I didn't realize that the black panels are not trasspasable but until thorough analisis of the mice behaviour. Second, add an achivemente system, I would like to be rewarded for things like finishing in the least time or with the least arrows. This game is good and enjoyable.

I recommend you play this game.

Sometimes, simplicity is best. This game is very simple, but it's pretty addictive and it can be surprisingly challenging. The music is a pretty good and catchy tune and the graphics that are there are pleasing to the eye, though they are still 8 bit-ish style graphics very much like a Gameboy thus the titles name sake. I'd reccomend this if you need a quick timeburner.