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Sarcastic Voice Collab

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[11:31:13 PM] Dylan (SafePlagiarism): what are you going to quote for the description?
[11:31:36 PM] Dave Pagurek (Pahgawk): hmmm
[11:31:38 PM] Dave Pagurek (Pahgawk): say something funny
[11:32:00 PM] Dave Pagurek (Pahgawk): right now

We're back with our penultimate NATA Collab! Although the sarcasticity is questionable, barely any of us actually answered Chongo's question at all, so hopefully that gives us a metric sarcasm point or two.

[12:50:27 AM] Ryry67dude/Chongo: Hey Dave, can I be in the description quote please?

Note to icon mods: We put the icon we want on the second frame, in case the icon screws up when we submit this. Thanks for being great!

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That was awful

Very nice..!
Funny And Creepy Sometimes.. Q__Q
I like it :D

Needs more sarcasm...

thanks a lot for the advice sister