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Rainbow Crash

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Diehard 10 Points

10 walls broken with head

Oh, where am I? 10 Points

First Flight Mode

Paratrooper 10 Points

Used umbrella 30 times

Collectioner 25 Points

100 crystals collected

Fighter 25 Points

Unbelievable speed!

Freeloader 25 Points

5 bonuses per fly collected

Player 25 Points

Total play time is 20 minutes

Tourist 25 Points

33% of levels completed

Guide 50 Points

66% of levels completed

Jeweler 50 Points

300 crystals collected

Peace in the whole world 100 Points

The rainbow has been returned to its rightful place

Author Comments

The rainbow has been broken, and your aim is to collect all its parts and to return it on its rightful place. A nice platformer game for those who doesn't know how to spend their free time.

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movement was so slow

So the movement was kind of slow on this there could be some sort of upgrade for this you have some good music and overall this was a Nice platformer game type with some nice medals.

the movement was kind of slow on this there could be some sort of upgrade for this


nice looking game but extremely boring and lacking creativity. no enemies, boring linear design with no powerups or any improvement in your character at all, no hazards besides pits, no hidden extras or even extras within the game to tempt the player into taking risks. felt very boring and really only played it all the way through for the medals.

fun game but movement was so slow i made it to level 7 sand said "screw it " this game is to slow

This game ain't bad, to be honest.

-The music. Oh god, the music. It's perfect, and fits in the game perfectly.
-The little details. How this flower gains color when you get it back from the rainbow, how the fire pillars get transformed into water when you get the dark blue color.
-Good starting storyline. Rainbow is gone, get the colors back! Simple, everyone can understand what's going on in this game.

- EXTREMELY linear. The whole game is 'follow the gems, and you'll find the exit!'. I had more trouble finding some doors to the levels then to complete the levels. I would've liked a bit more challenge, some hidden gems. Like, the Exit door open when you collect 90% of the gems. The remaining gems, the 10% left, could've been more hidden. Would give the game some replay value.
-Although it's self-explainatory, I would've liked to see a bit of a tutorial in the Flight Mode. At first, I thought you had to collect ALL gems. Then, I understood it was only the color gem you had to get. Also, there seems to be a small consequence when hitting stones, that would've been useful to know prior-hand as well.
-So when you get all colors, you cannot go play levels again? You have to restart the WHOLE game? Yeah, that's a bad thing if someone is a completionist and want to get that 1 gem (s)he didn't get in 1 level.
- No development in the game. Okay, you collect back the rainbow colors. But nothing after the prologue.
- No difficulty change. It seemed to me that all levels were equally easy, and the only thing that changed was the number of gems I had to get.

That's my 2 cents on this game.

Well, not so good

Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2013
7:03 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place July 12, 2013