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Lebbert Robot Day 2013

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Author Comments

Lebbert was programmed to eliminate mankind, will he be successful????
wow robot day 2013 first prize! im honored, honestly! Ill take my prize money now. :)

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Lebbert is a girl?

the singing is very bad and the way you made the robot move is terrible

ZabuJard responds:

ugh youre very bad. >:( !

Ok, that was pretty funny. Robot Day is off to a great start.

I like the repeating gag of Lebbert's shuffle, but the first time is a little drug out. It would have been better with cuts to other....stuff. I don't know what "stuff", but yeah.

My only suggestion for this one is that you should probably do less hard drugs, and stick to the pot.

ZabuJard responds:

lol. :)

Why do the robot have to be so physcotic

ZabuJard responds:


What's the song you used for the 'sad' scenes?

ZabuJard responds:

i dont remember :(((((((((((((((((((