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Abra Teleport

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this is what really happens when you teleport

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hmmm....You can draw characters pretty well, everything else was....eh. Ending was gross.

Well i like the animations done in this. Here are a few things i noticed though.
Voice acting: Could have been better. At the beginning, you don't seem to speak clearly. this makes it hard to understand what the character is saying.
The joke: It's not a bad joke your making. but i feel that it's humor could be better


Your voice acting could use some work, but you have a really nice drawing style, hope to see more

The drawing and animation in this was actually pretty well done.
The reason I'm only giving you 2.5 is because of two things: the voice-acting and the joke itself. Although there wasn't too much voice-acting in it, what was there could have been much better. The first couple of lines were almost impossible to understand. The joke itself was just...not that funny in my opinion.
I still have to commend you on the animation and drawing, but it could've been used so much better.