24hr Toon: The Last of Us

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This is another cartoon I made in 24 hours, it's just an animatic... I'm working on a much more intricate project (if you've seen my other stuff, you'd know why it's going to take a while) and I thought I'd make some simpler, faster content in the meantime.

I'm sure everyone will hate my for mocking the almighty The Last of Us... Good. I didn't like it, solidarity for we the few!
(you can look at my YouTube page, there's a link somewhere...)

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'the game just came out'
'nobody cares about you anymore now'

I LOVE the way you managed to point out the large flaws and plot holes in The Last of Us without seeming like some kind of a douchebag critic. Everything you listed was truthful and sprinkled with comedy and wittiness. I really hope you make a fully animated version with your signature smooth style. Thanks for making this!
By the way, don't listen to "Exedor" at the bottom there. He's probably just a moronic die-hard last of us fan who's hiding his anger at the truth by pretending this is anything short of comedy gold and talking down to you like you're mentally ill.

i will never know why people underrate your videos.

What you have is pretty good as far as color; sound is good, the story's ok too.

With that being said, please don't submit incomplete items to the Portal. If you want feedback and tips, that's fine, but this isn't the best place for this. The Portal is for finished items, and this is kinda-mostly leaning toward done at best. If everyone submits unfinished bits to Newgrounds, then this will quickly become a site that no one want to come to. Please finish before submitting to the Portal.

However, for tips and suggestions, the Forums are what you want. Load this into your Dumping Grounds. It's the third icon from the left at the very top of the page when you're signed in. It looks like a bucket with an arrow pointing down. Once it's loaded there, copy and paste the link into the Forums (Community>Forums). That way, people see it and give tips, which is what you want, but it's not in the Portal, filling your account with low scores or blams, which you don't want.

Good luck! :)

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Jul 6, 2013
3:42 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody