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Sonic VS Shadow #2

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Took about a month to do.

Anyway here are the links for the sites:

The Mystical Forest Zone http://www.themysticalfor estzone.com/

The Spriter's Resource http://spriters-resource.

The Sprite Data Base http://spritedatabase.net /
(used to be sprite data base . net then got changed to sdb . dr shnaps . com then jut got changed back, as far as I know)

deviantART [link] (YOU'RE ON dA right now!)

My sites:

Youtube http://www.youtube.com/us er/ap11sf4125xyz/

deviantART http://sonicdbzfan4125.de viantart.com/

Newgrounds http://sonicgokufan4125.n ewgrounds.com/

In the part of the credits where it's showing the music, the words being blocked by Shadow are
"(SAND Oasis Theme) {CREDIT to the composer and singer(s)"
the words that Shadow is blocking are in caps above ^, to let you know which ones are being blocked

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Nice animation bro! Man how do you create these sprite battles? I've always wanted to create one :)

SonicGokuFan4125 responds:

i didn't create them, some are custom sprites which i took the original sprites from Sonic Battle and edited them. The others, the orginals, the official ones that were used in Sonic Adv 1,2,3 and Sonic Battle, where ripped* by Daniel Sidney and Vortex (Sonic) and Deekman and Domenico (Shadow)
Effects sprites, i dont remember, everything is in the credits.

* rip is what you call it when yo draw out the sprite like how it is in the game

Nothing special but some fans may enjoy it

SonicGokuFan4125 responds:


just started cant judge anyone

Added to faves,THIS IS FU***** LEGENDARY

SonicGokuFan4125 responds: