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Shapes Odyssey

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Level 1 5 Points

Good job, you know how to play!

Level 2 5 Points

You finished Level 2, now keep going!

Level 3 10 Points

You finished Level 3!

Level 4 10 Points

You finished Level 4!

Level 5 25 Points

You finished Level 5, half the way there. Keep it up!

Level 6 25 Points

You finished Level 6!

Level 7 50 Points

You finished Level 7!

Level 8 50 Points

You finished Level 8!

Level 10 100 Points

You saved this world of shapes, Hero!

Level 9 100 Points

You finished Level 9, just 1 level more. You can do it!

Author Comments

"The mechanics are tricky, the physics are hard
Well, they didn't go to space with a bard
But once you understand how everything works
Your mouse will instantly be your wand"

Click the shape to jump, and click "P" to pause.

We are the "Funky Monkeys", and we made this game for game jam 9. It's based on the fake screenshot that Iskander Aminov (Izzy-A) made, which is called "Shape Adventures".

Good luck and we hope you enjoy.

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click count 999 lol

Seems to be coded well, but as a game, it's for me too boring and easy

I really don't think having to repeatedly click a moving object to keep it from falling is a good premise for a game. Cat Astronauts did the same thing, and it's not appealing at all.

I keep trying to beat level 6 and the game keeps glitching. I'll click the triangle and it'll start circling around a focal point while its rotation stays constant, and it'll go off the screen ignoring all barriers.

TheNavigat, I think you misunderstood 2Dozen when he said you have to try to lose. What that means is, the game is so easy that you can't lose unless you try to lose. So you can satisfy both 2Dozen and SalzerX by making the game harder and making it scroll faster. People seem to be agreeing that the game is too easy.

TheNavigat responds:

I remember testing the game over and over and never finding such a glitch as ignoring all barriers. Nothing perfect anyway. I hope I'll have the enough time to fix that later.

I didn't try to make the game too hard because I wanted those final 2 levels to be really hard, as "legendary levels" you know. Personally, level 10 was really hard for me, for the first 3 times at least, and I couldn't even stand 10 seconds, although I'm the coder. I didn't think about making it any harder, because that was hard enough for me.

It was a good experience in the end, next time I'll make sure my game is a nightmare :P

way too easy and slow scrolling, only the last level was more of a challenge

TheNavigat responds:

On the other hand, 2Dozen said "the scrolling was way too slow and the multiple clicks make it so you have to try to lose".. How do you think I can satisfy both of you? :)

the scrolling was way too slow and the multiple clicks make it so you have to try to lose

TheNavigat responds:

Making it too fast would make it even harder than it already is. We tried to be in the middle.