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Gloomy Cat

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Game about brave cat who craves adventure.
Up arrow to jump/double jump
Arrow down to slide
Arrow right to hit enemy or object

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Game won't start just shows a black screen

The game doesn't start...

People say they hate Flappy Bird but they just can't stop playing it, because they have to beat their score. Me, I watched "Elders React to" flappy bird youtube video and saw the scores they got relative to the "Teens React to" and found the old fogies' performance to be pitiful and so I just half-heartedly played it just to decrease the global correlation between incompetence at it and age - and it took me about 5 or 6 tries to get a score of 37. Which was way better than the average of the young people, so I was satisfied with that.

This however. This is a TROLL of a game. I was motivated not by a desire to beat my previous score, but just to see if the game actually gets to an ENDING if you get to 10k. And the damn thing just got MALEVOLENT every time I got close! I got ALL the upgrades and I got as far as 5k with STILL 7 lives left, but it would ALWAYS manage to take out all my remaining lives to keep me from getting to 10k! I'll bet it just continues forever. I just wanted to see if the 10k milestone did something. But no. I'll never get to know for sure! And I tried and tried for so long, I probably just formed a blood clot in my leg that will give me a stroke. I hope you're happy, EvilMax! Gah. This game is intolerable.

What exactly is the cat running from anyway? Those creepy looking things that dress like Indians that follow him on the left but never actually catch up to him no matter how slowly he goes (thus completely voiding any utility to the "bomb" medallion)? Are they angry at the cat for taking their worthless shard of a sword? Oh noes! He stole our garbage!

I can't in all verity give it TOO low a rating for that. The game doesn't actually have any BUGS to speak of for all I can see, and it has respectable animation. But it certainly loses points for being an intolerable troll of a game that I hate with a passion. Games where you just play them until you lose, they need STYLE, they need ATMOSPHERE, they need to make a STATEMENT (even though that statement is usually "you were doomed from the start" or "the only way to win is not to play"), and this doesn't.

It's largely as Ciel says, but with slight polish on those jumps and a little more instruction at the beginning, this game would be even grander than it is already.

LOVE the music and style, though. ^_^ Well done, all in all, if a little sketchy. Especially when the little green fellas show up. Lags a little. o.o

I really like the game it is very fun.. But you should have gave a little more directions.. For the longest time I thought I had to jump the crates also did not know that I could double jump.. And I still dont know what to do about these purple things ahaha but in all great game great artwork.. Also the game should have medals