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Wooly Marenal RPG

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Charybdis 25 Points

Defeat Charybdis.

Count Twin Tabula 25 Points

Defeat Count Twin Tabula.

Norion 25 Points

Defeat Norion.

Wooly Marenal 25 Points

Defeat Wooly Marenal.

Zebes 25 Points

Defeat Zebes.

Bad Ending 50 Points

The nerve of some people. (Beat the game on Normal)

Good Ending 50 Points

Wow. Just wow. (Beat the game on New Game Plus)

Impossible Ending 100 Points

That was anticlimactic. (Beat the game on New Game Double Plus Impossible Edition)

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

It's an RPG about a Wooly Marenal, whatever that is...

After two productive weeks of Game Jam 9, during which a coffee machine was brutally abused, Wooly Marenal RPG is ready to be played!

Based on celshaded's screenshot of what appeared to be an RPG involving a "Wooly Marenal" and a feline hunter, this game is a pseudo-RPG that tests your luck in five epic boss battles with three possible endings!

A New Game Plus is available for those of you who breezed through the first playthrough, and for those of you with insanely good luck, there is also a New Game Double Plus Impossible Edition, which is available to play as right from the start (once found).

Get your dice, coins and angry mobs ready, because if you think beating this luck-based psuedo-RPG will be a breeze, you have another think coming.

(Sorry about the file size; I've tried decreasing it as much as possible, but there are 100-ish voice tracks in there and it can only be decreased by oh so much.)

Made for Game Jam 9.
http://www.newgrounds.com /art/view/celshaded/scree n-shot

07/04/2013 Update:
Thanks for all the bug reports and suggestions!
Both New Game Plus and New Game Double Plus Impossible Edition are now accessible through the right-click menu, alongside a link that you can click on to report any further bugs (or suggestions or praise :3). New Game Plus is also now easier with two bonus Mana and Potion for each battle. A bug relating to the Potions has been squished. During dialogue scenes, pressing down on the mouse will display the full text, and the release will progress the scene. Dice roll times have been decreased by approximately 1/3. Lastly, menu items during combat are clickable even if they have not retyped themselves yet.

07/06/2013 Update:
So this really isn't an update to the game since I haven't received any bug reports since 7/04, but I would just like to say THANK YOU for helping this game get Daily 5th a couple days ago. I understand that this game isn't exactly the best game in the world, but it has helped me realize that I'm at least somewhat competent as a programmer. So, uh, thanks! Also, congratulations to GoldenSharkBolt for getting the Impossible Ending. You did what I actually believed to be impossible, lol.

If updates are not appearing, please refresh the page. Usually three times works for me. If you've played this game recently, you know you're playing an updated version if the preloader is loading everything again.
Special thanks to: MLScherbatov, bob298, and SourJovis.

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Decent game

The visual aspect of it could be more flashy and more dynamic, The game itself could use more strategic control by the player, Voice acting is awesome and graphics is awesome, The turn based style is always fun and I had some fun with this game.

A few ideas suggested


this game is really good would love to see a open world to it

The game barely qualifies as a game. It basically boils down to coin tosses. Even pure adventure games have more going in the way of interaction. The gameplay needs serious work or perhaps it should just be made into a flash movie if the gameplay is going to be this uninspired.

Well.. Truth be told its not good.
What I didn't like.
Design is not that well made, it could be a lot better, that would make it more appealing to the viewer.
Gameplay, could be stat based, could have skills, etc. The fact that is is based on luck makes it kind
of boring, because you don't really have to pay much attention to strategy or in that matter even what
you are doing, so basically its just click.. click.. click.. :D
What I did like.
Scripting, story, music and most of all sound in general.
But keep doing what you do and learn from your mistakes, as we all do.. :D
Ill give 3 stars, and this is just my hones opinion.:)

I kinda like it for the story line and the musc but the game play sucks