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Submersion - Intro

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Wow. frontpage. Awesome!! =D

Watch the making of here:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=cRC_WCjYR2o&feature =youtu.be

One of my graduation projects. Submersion: Journey of the pike. It's a motioncomic intro to a game in development. I did the animation. Peter Klijn has drawn the artwork. Voices by Edwyn Tiong, sound by soundbreeders.nl. Hope you like it.

My second graduation project, a 3d music video, will be uploaded soon. So stay tuned!

More info on the game in development:
of-the-Pike/1451401389887 49?fref=ts

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Aw man, I really want to play this game now

Yes this is spectacular in both animation and voice work. I'd love to see this as a series or at least a full length episode. NICE WORK!


We're working on a webseries. A different setting though. Will have a new episode every 2 weeks. Will probably start releasing around november, so stay tuned :)

Nice job

It looks interesting. Depending on what the game is like, it's certainly something I could get into.

And as stated by other users, the Pike looks almost identical submarine from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, just a few more windows on the sides.

Other than the Pike being too close to the Ulysses from Atlantis (the Disney movie from a few years ago) this is pretty good. However, the lack of creativity is something I have a problem with. I swear it looks just like the Ulysses, or at least too much like it to be a coincidence.


The artist did get inspiration from the Ulysses, it has its similarities, but its still very different. The theme of the game of 'weird science' and the original Ulysses was based onactual old conceps for submarines, just like this one was. But i guess in the angle used here it does look very similar 'cause of the front deck. Top view is a lot different though (which you cant see here, but you can on the 3d model that is made for the game)

Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

4.50 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2013
11:54 AM EDT