The Word Pyramid

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Try to form words from the given letters. Valid words are inserted into a free row in the word pyramid. To advance to the next round, find the 9-letter word within the given time.

Scoring: For every letter of a valid word that you create, you'll get 10 points and a time bonus of 1 second. If you can find all the words of the pyramid, you'll get a score bonus of 500 points.

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Damned fine game. Not a single thing to fault about it. The difficulty curve is just right, and that's really got me wanting to play more.

Very enjoyable way to practice typing, thanks very much Akdgames.

I love this game. It's relatively original (if not particularly), and I actually found it extremely enjoyable to play. I'd intended to play a couple of rounds before rating, but I was hooked pretty much straight away.

However, I do have one slight problem with it, which is what has cost your game that final half star. I just can't agree with the scoring system. I like the scoring based on letters, and the bonus for finding all the words is rather lovely, and a nice way to reward a player for going to that much effort. However, I simply can't agree with the lack of a bonus, for solving the 9-letter word straight away. I managed this once or twice, and it felt, to me, like quite an achievement. However, your scoring system did not take this possibility into account, and as such, it seems to penalise the player for this achievement.

In short, almost entirely a top-notch game: not overly original, but very fun, with only minor flaws.

It was alright. Needs some music.

Too bad it is not with levels, so we can have a bit more time... and get each level a bonus of 30 seconds, for example. The game is good, but there is not enough time to actually enjoy the game totally, that is why I rated it only 4/5.

This game is pretty awesome. It's fun, keeps you thinking and isn't too easy nor overly hard. Great words too and I think it's also great you didn't have specific words we need to decipher for the like 3 and four lettered ones, but that Pig works as well as Rig or whatever.
So great game and keep up the good work.

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2.48 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2013
8:31 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other