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Order of the Narwhal

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Author Comments

Team Narwhal reporting for duty!
We based our game on the screenshot created by LegolaSS called "SeaKnightsGame" (Link: http://www.newgrounds.com /art/view/legolass/seakni ghtsgame)
The goal is to resist the invasion of the sea monsters as much as possible. For that, use the arrow keys to aim and press space to fire your basic attack. Also, you can use the POWER OF THE NARWHAL by pressing "X" but this will spent more energy than the basic attack.
Be careful, because without energy you won't be able to attack.
Hope you have as much fun as we had making it and good luck with the high scores!

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even the lazy people wouldn't last long playing this game. :/ it badly needs improvement.

Actually this has some great potential, but its got too many flaws.

The music is a bit repettitive. The graphics are actually pretty nice. The problem is that the progression is extreemly limited. Enemies eventually spawn in at a rate that you don't have enough energy for. Once you hit he point where using the primary attack cant cope, you switch to the narwall power. And then you eventually run out of energy.

How to make this better:
You need another set of choices. In a horror game, when you run out of bullets or realize that your weapon is ineffective you turn to stealth or just run away. You use another choice.
The overused idea is an upgrade system. You die and then come back stronger.
Another idea would be having the narwall dive, like hiding under the waves. Makes you invincable, but stops your score from increasing and gives you time to recharge.

Final thoughts:
This is 2 min worth of time and then its done. With a few tweaks I think this could be an hour or two worth of entertainment. For the work thats been put in the pay off seem too little.

i like the concept but the animation and grafics sucks. actually the whole game sucks. i just like narwhales.

It's a funny game, but it's not a good game.
(aside from the poor presentation, which is ok, cause it's supposed to be funny and stuff)

Or better: It's not even a real game:
I needed 2 trys to figure out that if I avoid the primary weapon and only use "x" when the enemys are nearly leaving the screen I get the highest possible score. The primary attack is basically useless, not only because dying enemys are blocking new bolts.
Besides I think the mana bar is loading beyond it's limit, which is the only reason you can play longer than 30 seconds and get those highscores I guess.

you should make it to where you can move the weapon up and down

Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2013
8:14 PM EDT
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