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Blathers, The Exhibition

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Just learning animation, so the concept is lacking, just wanted to practise movement of figures :)

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Do Kapp'in!!!! (NOOOOO not K.K.) D:

K.K should be in the "painting exhibit"
brewster maybe as a gyroid in the bar or being eatten by bugs in the bug exhibit
kapen in the dinosour OR joining blathers


Camera Angles: Throughout the beginning when you are trying to pan away from the boy to viewing only the owl, make sure you don't just tween the owl as it makes it look as if the owl is just sliding.
Character Movement: I know this was your main concern for this piece, however there wasn't really much of it; however, the stuff that was in there was decent. The boy jumping could have been eased in a bit more and the owl looked stretched a bit unnaturally at one point but everything else looked fine.
Concept: As I am not a fan of Animal Crossing I have no idea what this is except a boy capturing an owl, thus I can't really grade you in this area.
Overall: Ultimately, you're on track to being a swell animator, keep it up! :)

Saultoons responds:

Thank you for your in-depth answer! I will take these tips on-board :D The tweening one especially, doi! As for the concept, I'm working on something now which should appeal to a larger audience so hopefully I can get some more tips and stuff once that's released.

Thanks again, you've been very helpful!

Great! I love it! It's certainly better than anything i could do.

K.K Slider next!

Saultoons responds:

Appreciate the kind words! KK Slider... Interesting ;)

This was not ... amazing!

But it wasn't bad, either.

Saultoons responds:

I can live with that!