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Minimum Wage- Episode 1

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Welp, it's finally fucikng done, after 5 months of procrastination, it's here.

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=UYNNPywF6DQ

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Voice acting is a bit eh, but that's understandable. Gotta keep it down so you don't disturb the parents, right? I have the same issue. Anyways, love the animation!

Personally, I think this is just pretty much.. ''alright'. I liked the animation. I didn't really like the voice acting and some of the jokes. The biggest thing, I'd say, is work on the voice acting. Delivery and volume and whatnot. This definitely has a lot of potential.

This looks so awesome.

Sound is a little too uneven for me. Low is too low and high is too high. Had to keep turning up the dialogue then turn it down for the dramatic pauses.

HEY he is one of the best movie maker ever so why give him bad reviews he is awesome so don't fuck around with him.