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Louis CK - God's Return

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Louis CK's bit on God coming back to earth. "What is a job??"

Decided to pay tribute to my favourite stand up comic, Louis CK, by animated a segment of "Live at the Beacon Theater" It was a riot making this, but now I'm getting back to my bigger projects, so expect more soon!

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yep lol cant go wrong with bacon:) lol CK is funny as hell and funner animated:)

I especially like that you can watch this vid in full screen. Why more people don't add that is beyound me.

Louis CK - Live at the Bacon (around it) Theatre

Yea, the world is at the moment pretty fucked up, people doing anything for money. But I don't blame people for surviving in such environment, its the Monetary system fault. We need a real Economy that accounts resources and thats what Resource based economy does, because right this moment thats best we got.

Good quality animation
the only thing wrong is maybe put a few more frames in when lip syncing.