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Collinks Remix

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High Scores

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Author Comments

You guys are getting amazingly good at this game. I'm seeing scores past 300k!

Tip#1: Clear glowing blocks for extra time.
Tip#2: Clear 6 sets of colors (combos) to instantly fill up booster meter.
Tip#3: The faster you clear blocks, the more the meter pauses.
Tip#4: Try to stack vertically or risk your setup getting broken.
Tip#5: Combos and longer links give you extra points.
Tip#6: In replace mode, don't replace a glowing block with a rainbow block since it will cancel the lighting.
Tip#7: In replace mode, don't click on an empty space when you have the lighting booster or you will lose it.

You can check out a video of the game at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRtGn4GjBWY

A fast paced color linking puzzle game that is easy to learn, but hard to master. Use strategy, logic, and time management skills to be as efficient as possible and reach higher levels. It's not all about brains though. You'll need to react quickly along with being clever or you won't get far.

Clear blocks by matching 3 or more colors. Charge up your booster meter for specials, or use the panic button when you get in trouble.

3 modes to play
Awesome music
Booster blocks

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Jitter Click Annoying But Still Good! So Good Game!

I fricking love this game! <3 <3 2 bad not many people have played it :(

wvaldez responds:

Ha, this comment made me play the game again. It is a pretty fun and intense game. By the way, I unintentionally beat your high score :)

Yay! I love this.

wvaldez responds:

Thanks. This is my first game in years. I'm glad people like it! :)

WOOO 359 K on shift B]

wvaldez responds:

Woah! I played this game A LOT during development to test it out and I couldn't reach that score. That's pretty good.

Good! I really liked all the effects, the scoring system was fair, and it was different from any other matching games I have seen before. Overall it was fun, different, and colorful. Thank you for a great game!

wvaldez responds:

Thanks. Glad you like it. If enough people enjoy it I might expand it.